Mill Creek Announces New Blu-ray Releases in June 2021

Mill Creek Announces New Blu-ray Releases in June 2021

March 27, 2021 Off By Stoudman

Fans of physical media will be glad to hear about their new slate of releases planned for June of 2021. In recent years, this company has ramped up their game and begun to produce some pretty great releases. They’re still the best budget-friendly label out there, and now they’ve got titles that will impress even the pickiest of collectors.

Some of the most obvious examples of the last few years are their Ultraman releases, but they’ve also turned quite a few heads with their Hammer Films Ultimate Collection and even smaller releases such as the recent double-pack of My Girl and My Girl 2.

Some of these titles were either previously unavailable, or they were only offered as MOD (Manufactured On-Demand) releases.

June will bring even more movies which were once difficult to find, and as always, you can expect the price to be more than reasonable.

Among the more notable releases scheduled is the double pack of Fear and Contraband. Fear is a movie that hasn’t always been easy to find on Blu-ray or DVD, so this release should make it much easier to find.

Mill Creek Entertainment will also be releasing a Randolph Scott movie collection, the Ultraman Zero Collection, the Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Series and Movie, and Finding Forrester on Blu-ray.

Another notable release is Problem Child 1 and 2 on DVD, which indicates they have the rights to release both films and there might be a Blu-ray release on the horizon.

Whatever the case may be, it’s always nice to see Mill Creek continually providing interesting options for physical media collectors.