The 50 Best Free Movies to Stream on Youtube

The 50 Best Free Movies to Stream on Youtube

May 2, 2023 Off By Stoudman

For those who aren’t aware, Youtube actually licenses a lot of popular movies and then offers them for free with ads. Every few months, they will drop a few titles and add a few more. This post provides some of the best free movies streaming on Youtube as of June 2023. Choose the genre you find most interesting and find a movie to watch right now!

NOTE: Some of these videos will appear as grey boxes since they are age-restricted, but if you click on the video, you should be able to watch them on Youtube.

Best Free Horror Movies on Youtube

This section will cover all of the scariest horror movies you can watch for free on Youtube at the moment. Whether you’re looking for something new and creepy or you want to watch a classic, there are plenty of great options to choose from. For even more choices, check our post covering over 2,500 free horror movies on Youtube!

We also have a list of free horror movies in the public domain and 200+ free horror movies with ads.

1. In the Mouth of Madness

This is one of the lesser-known John Carpenter films, but it’s actually quite good. The story focuses on an insurance investigator who is trying to find a famous horror author who went missing. The setup is actually somewhat similar to a film noir, but the direction Carpenter takes is far more disturbing than your average crime flick. If you haven’t seen this one, but you love the director’s work, we highly recommend it!

2. Train to Busan

This modern South Korean horror film has quickly become a favorite among fans of the genre. It’s an effective and scary zombie flick with excellent makeup and practical effects. If you haven’t given this one a shot yet, now you can watch it for free!

3. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

If you’re in the mood for another South Korean horror film, this is a pretty good one from a few years ago. It’s also one of the better found footage movies made in the past few years, although it definitely features some incouragable characters. 

4. Last Shift

If you’re looking for another horror film with really good makeup effects, this one will be tough to beat. It’s a movie not unlike Assault From Precinct 13, in that it features a character who must defend a police station. However, instead of protecting the building from criminals, she has to defend it from something otherworldly!

5. Triangle

I don’t think this one was very popular when it came out, but I maintain that it’s actually quite good. The title itself is reflective of the plot, so there is some actual depth to this one. Furthermore, it’s one of those rare horror films that takes place (at least partially) on a boat! 

6. Pennywise: The Story of IT

Although this isn’t the movie itself, this is a documentary about the making of the 1990 mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel. If you’re a fan of the series, this is an excellent behind-the-scenes look revealing how it was made.

 7. The Girl With All The Gifts

This is another horror movie with depth, and it’s actually quite good. Think of it as a branch off ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘The Last Of Us,’ as the story is all about a fungal disease that turns humanity into flesh-eating monsters. If you’re a fan of horror stories that explore dystopian concepts, this is an excellent choice.

 8. Horror Express

You can’t go wrong when you’ve got Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in the same horror film. Better yet, this film borrows from the same short story that inspired John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing,’ essentially telling the second half of the story! 

9.  Threads

If you’re looking for a horror movie that might even traumatize you, this one will definitely do the trick. I’m telling you, this is a case where one watch is more than enough, as the imagery and story are so disturbing that you’ll never forget it.

10.  The Changeling

Fans of haunted house movies won’t want to miss out on this classic gem starring George C. Scott. Many consider this to be one of the better horror films of all time, while others find it a bit slow. It all depends on what kind of creepy story you’re interested in seeing!

 Best Free Sci-Fi Movies on Youtube

In this section, we’ll detail some of the better science fiction films you can watch for free on Youtube. For even more options, make sure to read our full post covering free sci-fi movies in the public domain.

1.  Godzilla

Yes, Youtube actually has the original Godzilla movie on their service available to stream for free. This is the uncut Japanese version, so it will not have any of the additional scenes shot for American audiences. That said, the American version isn’t exactly better, so you’re not missing much, and you actually get to see the film in its full context!

2. Destroy All Monsters

Speaking of Godzilla, Youtube also has the original Destroy All Monsters film. If you’re looking for even more kaiju fun, you can’t go wrong with this absolute classic!

3. Son of Godzilla

Why not just have a marathon of kaiju movies? This is another of the original Godzilla films that is offered on Youtube for free with ads. Although it’s not the best of the bunch, it’s still a lot of fun!

4. Invasion of the Astro-Monster

Wait, there’s still more Godzilla on Youtube! This is another kaiju title that doesn’t get a lot of love, but it features some of the most iconic moments from the entire franchise. Check it out!

5. Memoirs of an Invisible Man

Although this is a satire of the Invisible Man movies from the Universal Classic Monsters line, it’s not exactly a horror movie, and in fact it’s more of a comedy flick. Chevy Chase plays the role of the invisible man to perfection, and the special effects are quite good. Better yet, this is one of the lesser-known and oft-forgotten John Carpenter films, so if you’re a fan of his work, do yourself a favor and check this one out.

 6. Robocop

One of the most beloved and classic sci-fi films of the 80s from mastermind director Paul Verhoeven, Robocop is an icon of the blockbuster era, and an absolute must watch if you have never seen it before.

7. Minority Report

If you’re in the mood for a more modern sci-fi movie, this is actually one of the better titles from the past few decades. The story centers around a cop in a futuristic world where crimes are predetermined and prevented from happening, muddying the waters of morality.

8. Ghost in the Shell

Based on the anime of the same name, this film tells the story of a cyborg police officer who struggles for acceptance as she attempts to solve crimes in Tokyo. Whether you’re a fan of the series or you always wanted to give it a shot, we highly recommend this movie.

9. Metropolis

This is arguably one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, and it just entered the public domain, so everyone can now watch it for free! Discover the Fritz Lang film that went on to inspire hundreds of other films and find out why it was so influential.

10. Vanilla Sky

This ethereal science fiction tale is another popular Tom Cruise vehicle directed by Cameron Crowe, and it’s one of the more interesting titles on our list. It’s somewhat similar to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, an introspective look into the complexities of mental health with a future tech twist.

Best Free Comedy Movies on Youtube

If you’re looking for a good laugh, there are plenty of great free comedy movies you can watch on Youtube. This list will cover some of the best options currently available, but we also have a list of 50 public domain comedy movies you can always watch for free!

1. One Crazy Summer

This is one of those movies that fell through the cracks for me when I was younger, but after watching it recently, I was happy to discoer it’s quite good! John Cusack was a great comedy actor back in the day, and this is certainly one of his better roles. Did I mention it was directed by Steve Holland, who also directed another excellent Cusack vehicle, Better Off Dead!

2. Dumb and Dumber

This is a veritable classic comedy from the 90s. If you haven’t seen it yet, where have you been? If you have, why not revisit an old favorite? There are so many iconic moments in this movie, and it’s an absolute must for anyone who loves this era of comedy flicks.

3. Little Shop of Horrors

If you’re looking for a classic comedy with staying power, this musical comedy is an absolute must. Directed by none other than Frank Oz, the music alone is worth your time and the puppet work is absolutely amazing.

4. Almost Heroes

Although it’s far from perfect, this comedy starring Chris Farley and Matthew Perry is actually quite funny. Follow a rag-tag group of explorers trying to reach the west coast of the United States before Louis and Clark.

5. Strange Brew

This classic Canadian comedy starring Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas is definitely a must-see. It might not be the best movie you’ll ever watch, but it’s one of those titles that you just have to see at least once in your life.

Best Free Family Movies on Youtube

Trying to find something family-friendly that both adults and children will enjoy? Well, there are more than enough excellent titles streaming free with ads on Youtube, and this list will cover some of the better options currently available. You can also check our post on free family movies in the public domain for even more choices!

1. Follow That Bird

Fans of Sesame Street will undoubtedly be familiar with this movie featuring none other than Big Bird. The story follows everyone’s favorite yellow bird as he hitchhikes across America to get back home to Sesame Street. Several well-known actors make cameos, including John Candy, Chevy Chase, Waylon Jennings, and Dave Thomas.

2. The Karate Kid

Many consider this one of the best films of the 80s, and it resulted in several less popular sequels, an attempted reboot with Jackie Chan, and finally a successful revival with the show Cobra Kai. If you’re interested in watching the movie that started it all, this is currently one of the best free movies on Youtube!

3. Good Burger

This is a veritable cult-classic of the 90’s, and it’s some of the earliest work from Kenan Thompson, who went on to become one of the longest running members of Saturday Night Live. Even now, there are more than enough memorable moments to make this one worth watching.

4. Early Man

I’ll be entirely honest, I haven’t actually seen this movie yet. That said, it can’t be that bad, because it’s made by the creators of the famous Wallace & Gromit series! If you’re a fan of claymation, this studio is one of the best in the industry, and I’m sure this is at least decent. Hell, I want to see it myself at some point!

5. Puss in Boots

This is one of the newer family films offered on Youtube for free at the moment, and it’s also one of the better titles. If you’re a fan of the Shrek films, this movie is an absolute must watch, as it’s in the same universe!

Best Free Western Movies on Youtube

Sometimes you just need to hit the dusty trail and see what the wind kicks up, know what I mean? Luckily, there are usually at least a few really good free western movies to watch on Youtube. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t forget we have a post full of classic western movies in the public domain!

1. Red River

If you’re looking for a classic western, you can’t do much better than this Howard Hawks production starring no other than John Wayne. Both names were synonymous with the western in the 30s/40s and beyond, so you can expect more of a traditional fare. In other words, a spaghetti western this is not.

2. The White Buffalo

Although it might not be everyone’s first choice, I’m here to tell you that this Charles Bronson western is actually quite good. Also starring is Will Sampson, a well-known indigenous actor of this era. As the name implies, the story follows Wild Bill Hickok as he tries to find the legendary white buffalo!

3. City Slickers II

It might not be everyone’s favorite, but there are several memorable moments in this western comedy starring Billy Crystal, Jon Lovitz, Daniel Stern, and of course Jack Palance. Sadly, the first movie isn’t available at the moment.

4. A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die

If you’re looking for more of a spaghetti western, this is one of the better titles you’ll find on Youtube. Starring James Coburn, Telly Savalas, and several other well-known faces from this era, it’s an absolute must watch for fans of these actors.

5. The Sons of Katie Elder

John Wayne and Dean Martin star in this fan-favorite western from Henry Hathaway. Billed by some as a psychological western with film noir elements, this is a pretty fun title that will certainly hit the spot for anyone interested in seeing a good old-fashioned shoot out!

Best Free Crime Movies on Youtube

Whether you’re a fan of film noir or you just like stories about criminals and crime fighting, there are plenty of great free crime movies on Youtube. We also have a whole list full of crime movies in the public domain, and there are quite a few good classics on there as well!

1. Colors

This late 80’s cop drama may have slipped through the cracks for some viewers, but it’s worth watching if you enjoy Dennis Hopper’s work. It’s no Easy Rider, but with stars like Robert Duvall, Sean Penn, and Don Cheadle, there are plenty of reasons to check this one out.

2. Assault on Precinct 13

This is one of the better cult-classics on our list, and it comes from none other than John Carpenter. This seige film pits a police station against an invading gang. It’s a pretty brutally violent film, so keep that in mind before you click play!

3. Edge of Darkness

This Mel Gibson vehicle definitely got passed over by a lot of audiences, but it was actually quite good, and most fans of crime films will probably enjoy it. With direction from Martin Campbell (of Casino Royale fame) and script work from William Monahan (The Departed), you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

4. Death on the Nile

This adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic detective novel of the same name is quite good. Starring several characters such as Mia Farrow and Angela Lansburt, there’s plenty to love about this movie.

5. Heat

This is an absolute classic crime film, one of the better movies in the genre. Directed by Michael Mann, who was well-known for his work in the genre at the time (Miami Vice, Thief), this movie has an all-star cast including Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Val Kilmer and more.

Best Free Drama Movies on Youtube

These titles are either historical dramas or they are in some way dramatic and emotional. Believe it or not, there are actually quite a few decent free drama movies on Youtube, and this list will detail some of the best options available.

1. The Majestic

 You’re probably familiar with Frank Darabont’s more popular films such as ‘The Green Mile’ and ‘Shawshank Redemption,’ but you might have forgotten that this was another excellent film he directed shortly after those modern classics. Honestly, it’s one of my favorites, and I consider it to be one of the most criminally underrated films of the early 2000s.

2. Moonstruck

This is my favorite romantic drama/comedy film, and I must foist it upon all of you until you all appreciate it as much as I do. Nic Cage and Cher star in this tale of romance and love, and you can expect multiple examples of Cage going over-the-top with his role. “You wanna marry my brother? Why you wanna sell yourself short.” So good.

3. The New World

If you’re familiar with Terrence Malick, you know exactly why this film is on our list. In this historical drama, Malick tackles the subject of the discovery of America, John Smith and Pocahontas, and all that jazz. It’s not like every other “white savior” flick, but it seems like that’s always a present problem when it comes to this story. Whatever the case, nobody can make you feel like you’re really there quite like Malick, so we still recommend this one!

4. At Eternity’s Gate

Did you know Willem Dafoe actually played the role of Vincent Van Gogh? Well, he did, and now you can see the film for free! Mads Mikkelsen and Oscar Isaac perform alongside Dafoe in this decent historical drama about one of the most famous painters in history.

5. Tokyo Godfathers

This isn’t a historical drama like many of the other titles in this section, but it’s just as worthy of being seen as all the others. The story follows a rag-tag group of homeless people who find an abandoned baby in the snow and try to save it. The course of events that follows is both humorous and emotional, and did we mention this is technically a Christmas movie? Give it a shot!

Best of the Worst

If you’re looking for a movie that will be fun to watch and laugh about with friends, these are excellent options. Whether you consider them “so bad it’s good” or something else, the truth is that these movies are fun to watch, even if they aren’t traditionally seen as high quality.

1. Safe House

I am not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Patrick Stewart plays an aging civil servant succumbing to mental illness, and the subject is so badly misunderstood and so poorly misrepresented that it’s actually hilarious. Have you ever wanted to see Sir Patrick Stewart crying in a closet while eating candy? Well, now you can!

2. Big Ass Spider

If the title doesn’t give away that this movie is tongue-in-cheek, then the giant spider crawling on the side of a building should do the trick. Surprisingly, although it’s definitely trying to go for the aesthetic of a bad movie, its pacing is good and it’s a pretty competently told story. You should have a lot of fun with this one!

3. No Escape

Follow Ray Liotta as he tries to survive on a prison island with two competing tribes of prisoners. I know how it sounds, but they actually put an incredible amount of effort into the makeup and set design, building entire towns from scratch in much the same way they did for films like Waterworld. Is the story a bit goofy? Sure. But it’s a fun watch that you probably won’t regret!

4. Iron Sky: The Coming Race

This is perhaps the wildest title on our entire list. Not only is this one of the last starring roles for Tom Green, but it features Hitler riding a dinosaur at the center of the earth. Basically, the filmmaker took all the crazy conspiracy theories they had ever heard and made them into a weird, completely bonkers movie.

5. Adventures of Pluto Nash

This is probably the first movie you thought of when you read “so bad it’s good.” After all, it’s literally notorious for being one of the worst movies ever made. Regardless, I am here to tell you that this one is absolutely worth watching for the aesthetic alone. The cheap and goofy set design will remind you of cult classics like Space Truckers, and there’s plenty of things that have become unintentionally funny over time, such as Hillary Clinton being on the dollar. Give it a shot, you might just enjoy yourself!